Listserv Guidelines

How it works

Listserv Guidelines*

The purpose of our listserv is to help our community learn, share, and grow. So ….

1.  Be kind. Before posting, always think about the community.

2. Keep postings relevant and brief. Remember, we are all deluged with emails.

3. To respond to an individual, make sure to use the “Reply” button. “Reply all”—sometimes the default—will send your response to everybody.

4. Minimize litter. If your posting is intended for a small group, consider contacting them directly or setting up a separate email group.

5. Use clear subject lines. This will help readers see quickly if your post is relevant to them.

6. Sign every post with your name. Don’t count on people to recognize your email handle.

7. Give a brief introduction when writing a long post or responding to a thread.

8. Forward with care. Many postings are just for those in our community. If in doubt, ask permission.

9. Be civil. Discussion and debate is welcome, but always write as though you are speaking face to face.

10. Don’t retort online. If a post feels like a violation of netiquette, discuss your concern privately with the author of the post. If you need help, talk to a pastor or board member.  

*These guidelines are adapted from those of Adat Shalom synagogue, in Bethesda, Maryland. You can read their complete guidelines here: